Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Plate

I have not officially joined Sharon's weight loss challenge, but I'm playing along in spirit. There will be no 'before' pictures of me. The weight I want to lose is significant at more than 100 pounds, but this is my year for Action, and I believe in myself.

I don't remember how I heard of this a couple of weeks ago, but I signed up for a free tool called The Daily Plate, which is now a part of Live Strong. For me, it is great to track the foods I eat and to easily see at a glance the content of the foods I'm eating and where I stand for the day. It also has a graphing function that allows you to watch the fluctuations in, say, sodium or carb intake for the week. It has thousands of commercial & fast food meals in the database, you can add your foods individually, or you can make your own meals for food you always eat together. My big one for last week was 15-bean soup with ham & cornbread.

I did have a slip-up day yesterday, but today I'm back on track. I really, really need to increase my vegetables from none, don't you think?

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