Sunday, October 25, 2009

Although I've never been a prolific blogger, I hope to be back to posting soon. I had a bit of a health scare a couple of weeks ago and have been through the mill with tests and such. I hope to know more this week and get life moving forward again, one way or another.

My younger grandson turned 1 on Friday, and his party and baptism were today. Of course, I went off and left my camera at home, so I have to wait for others to send me pictures to post.

There's definitely no quilting going on, but hopefully soon!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

September wasn't a total loss

September didn't start out too well. My dishwasher went on the fritz. I thought my sewing machine died, but it was just a faulty power strip. My iron died and had to be replaced. Then my sewing machine really did start acting up, just as I was trying to finish and mail some promised quilts.

I managed to get the County Lines quilt to the semi-flimsy stage and just need to add borders and get it quilted.

My challenge quilt for JSS made it to the flimsy stage and was turned in on time, along with backing & binding; it got 2nd place for best use of pink. Now to find time to get to the center and get it quilted and bound.

I got the bindings on couple of Heartstrings quilts and am working my way through the handstitching, then they'll be ready for washing and pictures.

Cricket from the Heartstrings group mentioned needing a couple of quilts for homeless kids, and I certainly have plenty of those ready for completion. I got the binding on this lasagna quilt before my machine gave out. The gifted coin quilt from Megan was already bound and didn't make it to it's intended destination back in April or May, so it was in 'the stack' and ready to go. I added a couple of coordinating purchased blankets because I was told these quilts would be all these girls had and I was concerned they wouldn't be warm enough.

blogger seems to have flipped this on its head

the quilt Megan hated

Onward and upward.... making goals for October.

Take care,

Monday, October 5, 2009

September Schnibbles (part deux)

I have been stalled on this since Saturday, not knowing how I want to finish it.

Not only have I decided to try to work from my stash for the remaining months, but I'm going to make them all at least lap size and donate them. To do that, I think turning it on point gives me more bang for my buck in getting it up to size. At least this month.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I will not admit defeat

September's child in the Year of Schnibbles

Kinda sorta not finished.
Trying to stay organized

Two blocks done.

My two favorite fabrics in the Mill House Inn line.

Tomorrow's another day.

And I'm challenging myself to work with stash only for the rest of the months.