Sunday, February 28, 2010

I've been in a weather funk!

Central Ohio is working toward record snowfall this February (usually one of the two driest months in Ohio).  A few weeks back we did get all the snow that was promised, and then some.  And then another storm shortly after and little bits daily since then.  It was beautiful and sparkling while it fell, with huge flakes or sometimes the cutest little snow pellets.  Otherwise, I'm so over the snow and the piles of dirty snow everywhere.  We had a whole day of sunshine last week and it really felt good.  I even opened my windows most of the day, even though it was slightly below freezing temps.  

With all the snow came overfilled gutters of ice and gutter to ground icicles.   One of the largest (easily 25" diameter;  I'm sure I looked funny to the neighbors hanging off the stairwell trying to knock it down with the broom handle) just happened to be outside the wall of my spare quilting/computer room, leaving water spots on and a buckle in the wall and cracks in the corner.  Just what I needed.

Another was off the back gutter to my deck. It was so large I couldn't break it with a hammer, so I chipped away at it for days until the hammer could break off the largest part.  Despite my best efforts to make it fall away from the house, the icicle ice monster fell into the huge pile of frozen snow and previously chipped ice, pushing it all right into my dining room.   

The good news is that we are in for a week of 30-deg temps and then a week of 40s!!  I am so ready for beautiful flowers, lush hostas, and my CSA.  And long walks on dry ground.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have meetings every night this week, so this morning I pulled out stuff to work on once the Olympics start:  a new sock and handquilting.

I started the handquilting years ago but didn't get far.  I waffle about handquilting a top purchased at a sample sale (vs. something I made myself), so I may take out the stitching on that one block and go for some big stitch utility quilting instead.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Morning sampler

Mary's new sock kick has motivated me to a finish.  (And she is fast!) Mary, I love that you're making them in Scarlet & Gray -- Buckeye colors.  ; )

This pair was started in May'09 and has been languishing... waiting for those last 20 or so rows of the second leg to be done.  As is my usual, once I know what it's going to look like, I've moved on.

Last week I discovered that this young pup has been using my dining room as his personal potty.  I have an open kitchen/dining/living area, but I never go through the dining room, or even use it much for that matter. Unfortunately I've had to go back to crating him while I'm at work.  Here's a picture of one of his milder moments this morning.

Non-diet food:  I made some kolaches to take to work today.  One could find sausage kolaches in nearly every donut shop in north Texas, but no one locally has heard of them. Just as well, since it's cheaper to make them. This last batch is fresh from the oven, but a couple mysteriously vaporized as soon as this picture was snapped!  

Eckrich breakfast links rolled in Pillsbury Grands biscuits (biscuits were separated in half horizontally before rolling).

We're supposed to be in for "the biggest snowstorm of the season" today and tomorrow, but it hasn't started yet. Are the weather people in your area incite-ful alarmists too?  By listening to them, you'd never know this is a northern climate with four seasons.

The good news is... I finally found the cord to my new camera!  It looks just like one of my computer cords, so it was right under my nose the whole time.