Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving/Christmas/NewYear!

I really am still alive.  I just haven't been in the quilting mood for so, so long.  Well, I haven't been in the mood to make anything... but I still think about quilting nearly every day all day.

During my little unintended hiatus from blogging I did manage to finish a couple of string quilts, bind several JSS quilts, start only one new quilt, organize all the pictures and free patterns stored on my computer, clean and organize my sewing/storage room, make some QAYG blocks, and work on cutting 'kits' for some long-term scrap projects.  Seems like boring, un-blogworthy shtuff.  Plus the usual day-to-day work, family, dog, exercise, and choke over the cost of medical treatment.   If I could find my camera cord, I'd share it all with you!

And I'd share a picture of the puny little snow we got last night, but go check out Jeanne's California pics instead... amazing!

P.S. It seems blogger has changed a bit; I may have to retrain myself!