Monday, January 12, 2009

Donation quilts

These are two of the quilts I managed to get sent out last week.  They went to Cricket in MA for her homeless shelter projects.  

This rail fence is the one that killed my machine.  I tried to do Terry Twist thingys in the blocks. It turned out okay, but after the binding went on (by machine, a first) the ol' Janome died. Hopefully all it needs is a cleaning; I'm still waiting to hear.

This blue-ish quilt is the pattern Tea Party from the book More! Laps from Fats.  It was originally for a friend, but after I saw I wasn't going to be able to complete another quilt I'd promised Cricket, I released it.  It only needed the binding sewn down on one side.  I practiced a meander on this, using the HQ16 rental at a local shop.

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