Monday, February 23, 2009

Not much action here

Part of the problem with blogging is that you really have to have something to say, eh? Or better yet, something to show. Work has been busy and full of drama, so I pretty much collapse at night after eating a too-late dinner. In no particular order, I have managed to:

• make it to both Kinko's and the post office to mail Linda J. some patterns I promised her too long ago
• say goodbye forever to Uncle Sam’s harassment about my 2007 taxes
• wonder how someone who makes so little can owe so much
• update my résumé
• and again, since no one needs a two-page résumé
• apply for a new job
• mourn the loss of youthful energy
• bake a 14-lb ham, just because it was on sale
• wonder why I didn’t have it cut in half
• make some cheesy potatoes to go with
• take some of both to my elderly neighbor
• resist the urge (so far) to drive 1.5 hours to a 50% off fabric sale
• fill online shopping baskets with fabric
• delete said baskets

• pick up my knitting
• admire the fact that I finally made it past the cast-on, toe-up, with circular needles
• realize I knit too tightly

• watch (good movie—wish I’d read the book)

• watch (like some books I read, I think I have to watch the whole thing to find the redeeming value—it took me days and I still didn’t find it)

• order a charm pack to go with this quilt because I got a little carried away with cutting (the kit was a generous give-away by Miss Rosie’s owner) last Fall

• audition backgrounds for these blocks

No fabric in, none out!

I hope you all have a great, productive week.



Linda_J said...

I knit a bit tight too---was just working on my dishcloth as I often do in the evening but as long as I am consisteny I don't worry about it.

I emailed you about the pattern which arrived today. THX again, Sheila.

Lovely S & W blocks---how about black? Striking against the bright colors. I have some of my own around here that I could finish up one of these decades but the fabric is already been purchased there---"decades" ago, LOL

Diana said...

Hi, I just stopped by and saw your kaleidoscope blocks. They are very striking--I love those bright colors. Keep us posted on whatever you choose for the backgrounds.