Friday, February 6, 2009

MissMad's Cobblestone quilt


The cobblestone pattern is my go-to (read: lack of imagination) quilt. Here's one I made for MissMad's 1st birthday last April. Unfortunately, she only got the top at that time. The quilt was finished and bound in July... but there were some boo-boos in my quilting (HQ rental). By then I was deep in the throes of GMan's big-boy quilt, so MissMad's got set aside. Well, she finally got the quilt last week. I was trying for the old-fashioned look and, while I love the quilt, it's a little *old* looking for a little girl. I think I'll try something brighter for her 2nd birthday... and a finished quilt this time.

The top was made from one jelly roll--Moda Daydreams line, I think--and it measures 48x60. The back is a soothing lite aqua stripe, and I thought the striped binding incorporated all the colors of the quilt. Although I didn't really care for the binding when it was done, there was no way I was taking it off.

Off to meet the accountant at work, and back home to quilt shortly... I hope!

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Linda_J said...

Sheila, I am happy to see that you started blogging. Sorry that I didn't realize that till today or I would have been over to see you sooner!

Love the cobblestone quilt! I can see why it would be a go-to quilt as it is simple to whip up and quilt and even better, it lets the fabric be the star.

I can also identify with the weight loss struggles. I have got to get started back walking--got to and no more excuses for not doing it. You would think putting 10 hard lost lbs back on would be enough incentive.