Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Just a quick post as I'm running late to work. I'm down 0.4# this week which, thankfully, wasn't a gain! I've invested in some rubberband exercise thingys for those days when we're covered in ice or snow, and some Biggest Loser DVDs. The thing that amazed me most about my Daily Plate this week is that, even though I never add salt to my food, my sodium content is almost consistently 75% higher than it should be.

No fabric in or out last week... another good thing, because I sure was tempted by some sales I saw online. And I heard about one at a quilt shop in this state where everything is 50% off in February. Friday = Payday = Road Trip!

Here's my older grandson's big-boy-bed quilt. My nemesis I should say. I wasn't thrilled with making him a rag quilt to begin with, but I did it because that's what his mother wanted... and to fit a long twin bed with a 9"-deep mattress. I slogged my way through this monster, and they thought it was way too big so, if I could, cut it down to make a smaller quilt for his bed and a carry-along or two from the rest. Of course, with all that batting already stitched inside it was a mess--either continue to rag it and pull the batting from the edges, or bind it. Finally, I decided to bind it. THEM. This is the bed-sized one, and he got a carry along a few weeks back. UGH. But a done ugh, nonetheless. I still have a 3-block by 7-block piece left that I'll turn into a stuffed animals quilt for his bed, but not for awhile.


Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Oh what quilt shop??? I live a few hours north of you...it'd be worth a road trip for 50% off quilt shoip fabric! :)

Linda_J said...

That sounds like the sort of request that a NON-quilter would make. Of course you want to oblige and the child be happy with it but still....... I don't blame you for NOT wanting to look at the leftovers for awhile.