Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dropping by to wish you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Obviously my blogging has been nonexistent, which probably means my quilting has as well. I'm not sure where the funk comes from, but I know it will pass.

I did manage to augment the stash a wee bit when
Knots and Bolts had their last sale (and now they are having another... check it out).

And in my ongoing quest to find *the* perfect yellow (or yellow/orange combo) to complement my teals for a planned quilt, I got these fabrics as well. They tend toward gold or cream, though (which is no reflection on the shop). I think I need to buy something that looks outrageously yellow online and maybe it will be the subdued but clear color I want. The good thing is someday I will have a beautiful yellow-toned quilt from all the try-outs! (and yes, this picture is dark, but the flash was washing it out even more. And yes, that is not a yellow at the back.)

I also picked up these magazines cheap, online.

And this stuff not-so-cheap at a third shop.

[I was going to alert you all to a blog that scours the web looking for quilty sales, but they seem to be down for renovation just now.  So...]  

Here's a link to a quilt that I donated to Carole when she first got her longarm.  It was the perfect match of me with too many UFO's with no destination and someone who could practice her quilting, with the understanding it would be donated to charity.  She did a fantastic job.  The pattern was a Debbie Caffrey mystery from a workshop through the Plano guild many, many years ago... 2000??   And I was glad Carole posted the picture because it was one of the tops I had no picture of.  Thanks again, Carole!

And last but not least, I was looking for pictures of the Dallas Quilt Show and came across this quilter in training. Isn't it adorable???

I am off to find my mojo.  Have a lucky day!



Mary said...

Wow, you did a lot of shopping didn't you? I've been bad lately too and with my sewing machine crashing...I'm wondering if it's time to buy a new one?! Knee lifts, thread cutters, there's lots of features out there mine doesn't have!

Linda_J said...

No wonder it is hard to find the right fabric online with that many variables. I guess I tend to use Moda Marbles a bit since I have the color card and have a reasonable idea of what shade I am getting. Who knows how "off" my monitor is?

I would love to see the Debbie Caffrey Mystery but not sure where the link is?

Hope you had a good St. Pat's Day?