Saturday, April 4, 2009

Many months ago when I first found Quilting Gallery, I added to Google Reader several blogs of those who live near(er) me.  One of those was Joan in Cincinnati's Quilting on a Budget.  You can find all manner of interesting quilting tidbits and sales on her blog.

I received the last of the ordered yellow Kona cottons today from Hancocks, and I'm more sure than ever that I'm going the wrong direction.   I've been collecting teal/purple combos for years with the sole intention of making a Hunter's Star quilt.  I have no deadline to make it (it's for me), but every once in a while I get an itch to find the perfect 'other' color to use with those.   Maybe I'll  try some greens next.

Grant spent the night with Nana so we rented some videos and got BOGO blizzards from DQ with a birthday coupon (mine was Oreo CheeseQuake!  yummy), ordered some pizza, and enjoyed each other's company by playing with trains and Lincoln Logs while watching Horton Hears a Who.   Today we met up with his mommy, daddy & little brother for a pancake breakfast the local Kiwanis group was hosting.  [That wasn't a very healthy eating period for me!]

I've had a few 4-hours-of-sleep nights this week, then an insomniac grandson, so I think I'll take a nap then watch a movie and possibly stitch down binding and/or make headway on the never-ending socks.

Take care,


Beth said...

I think the right yellow or gold would put a great 'spark' in with those colors! I'm on my way out, but when I get back , I will take a picture of a bargello I'm working on. The colors are dark teal, a couple shades of purple, a deep marroon and a LOVELY gold. You should see it POP out!

Linda_J said...

So the mystery continues, does it? A light green might be just what you are looking for with the purples.

Hope you finally caught up on your rest!