Monday, March 30, 2009

The cold wind blows

The temp reads 34 right now.  It seems like we haven't seen that temp for a long time, but when I look at the weather calendar it was just last week.  I won't complain that we don't have ice or snow, though.

I spent nearly the whole weekend running errands I've been putting off, but at least they are out of the way.   I thought I was going to get a 4-day weekend, but one of my co-workers has landed in the hospital, so I will have to go in today after all.

I managed to sneak in a little sewing time yesterday.  This is a partial picture of a D9P started in January that was to the block stage then and to a half-flimsy stage last week.   I was trying for an 'old world' look here, but that green is a little brighter in the top than it looked as yardage.  Both the green and the burgundy were directional, which I didn't notice when I was cutting my strips or I would have cut it differently.  It's 57x69ish now and I have enough blocks to add a row, but I may use them on the back and donate this to the local women's cancer group.

The first d9p I ever saw was done in three fabrics, and that's the way I've always done mine, with strip-piecing.  With 4.5" cut strips sewn red-light-red and light-red-light (then the same with green sets) you can get 9 pieces from each strip.  Sew together into 9-patches and then chop them up.  You have to play around with the blocks to decide which color you want going which direction, and then be careful to sew them together correctly.  I originally intended for the large red blocks to start in the corner, but obviously sewed the wrong side.  And I wasn't going to unsew them all.  I did have to unsew one row, which is why it stalled last weekend.

I have somehow managed to add 21.25 yards to the stash this month alone, and that's my yearly total too.  This top brought my usage total to 8.5 yards for the year.  I'll see if I can't piece the back tonight and enhance that number.  

{Wow... I see blogger has made some changes and pictures show up as pictures in the compose stage!  Or maybe I just wasn't doing it correctly before.}

Have a great week,

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