Sunday, April 19, 2009

ooooh I won something!

Well, heck... if I'm not going to have anything blog-worthy of my own, I guess the next best thing is to win something!  Megan offered up this adorable quilt in a contest, so I put my two cents in and she announced today that I won.   I'm so excited!!  I'll be donating the quilt to the charity of her choice or to one locally here.   

My local Project Linus group is a wealth of information with regard to local charities, so I was pleased to learn through them of a teen center at our Children's Hospital and also of a Homeless Families Foundation.  I like that the HFF strives to house families together in apartment-like residences while helping them get back on their feet.  Both of these places are perfect for larger size quilts.

By the way, I learned of Megan's quilt give-away through Joanne's blog.  If you remember Joanne's quilty stimulus package offer (NOTE: the stimulus offer is now closed; the link is for reference only!), my number came up so I sent this quilt top to her last weekend.   

I am hoping to get it back in time (and bound and re-mailed!) for an April 25th deadline.  I'll be excited to count something toward yardage used with this backing, another backing, and bindings for three quilts.

Other than a few kiddie charity tops ready to quilt, not much else is going on around here.  I'm still working long hours, spending all the free time I can with the grandsons, and decompressing with a little knitting in the evenings.   We did have some fun on Easter... while hunting eggs in the yard, we all turned around and there were three ducks standing there.   Truly serendipitous, and GMan was beside himself over it.  

I guess I could count getting GMan to poop on the pot as my most memorable goal attained last week!  It turned a switch in his little brain and he's been accident free since a week ago Friday.   I wish everyone could be so easily bribed encouraged with stickers.  

I've been reading too.  No matter how tired I am, I can't fall asleep without reading.  Currently on the nightstand is A Single Thread (Bostwick) which I'm enjoying immensely.   I recently finished The Friday Night Knitting Club (Jacobs), which I liked (oooh... a movie in 2010 with Julia Roberts!) (as the mother???  LOL) and Comfort Food (also Jacobs), which I didn't care for.    She has another one out, Knit Two, which is next on my list.  [for some reason my tinyurl's aren't working for me... I hope they do for you!]

Until next time (which likely will not be today, tomorrow, or 40+ times in a week...), take care.


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Linda_J said...

Well, aren't you the lucky duck, Sheila!

I love to read too but need to get another book or two from the library or bookmobile. Still doing the ebooks while I work in here though the narrators attempts at accents are driving me nuts on the latest ones, LOL.

I got started on my version of Two of a Kind/Cheap Trick using the cutting directions from one and the piecing directions from the other. Take a peek when you get a chance since it is in part, thanks to you!

Oh what I didnt say and should have---those marbles ARE addictive. I keep practicing up on you, too much. Should I thank you or not??