Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's been a long couple of weeks here lately.  I completely ripped back the Hermione socks and was sailing away on re-knitting them in a smaller size.  Ripped back the grandkid socks to re-knit them in a larger size.  Then I got a impulsive itch and decided I wanted to move to a new place locally with ground-level access.  Went through a flurry of making lists, cleaning, phone calls, emails, paperwork, packing, tossing, donating...  everything else got set aside.   I've since decided I won't move just yet, so while I regret wasting all those days not knitting or quilting I'm glad I have a head start on the moving process.

Friday I got to be part of a wonderful test knit class for Michelle "KnitPurl" Hunter who lives and teaches locally.  It was actually a process and timing exercise to see how long it took for her to teach certain things and for the class to accomplish each part and move on.  We all learned so many new skills:  Magic Loop, two-handed two color stranded knitting, swatching in the round, and afterthought thumbs, along with learning lots of new tips and tricks.  She's a great teacher, and so very patient.  The other part of the exercise is to see if all sorts of people (different skill levels and knitting styles, different size hands) can get the pair of mittens from 50g of each color yarn.  Except for the thumb, I finished one tonight and I have 28g left of the gray, so it will be close.

Pattern: Corkscrew Mittens; Yarn:  HiKoo SimpliCity 

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Linda_J said...

I am so sorry to hear that you hurt yourself recently but looks like you made good use of your time knitting.
Is the injury part of what prompted the desire to move to a lower level?

The less is more approach often does not happen until we move, or at least that used to be my modus operandi. When I moved every 3-4 years I really tossed stuff out or took to the donation bins rather than move it.

Not a waste of time but you could have been knitting instead