Friday, February 24, 2012

Simple SKYP Socks

I thought this was going to be an "no worries" pattern to sail through the shortest month, but I've only completed one sock due to lots of ripping back the first 10 days.  For the record, not a great pattern to rip back unless you have a lifeline.  It's much easier to count and examine your stitches every half-round.

I'll be binding off in daylight today, and then heading to the sewing machine for the remainder of the weekend!

Simple SKYP socks

I asked Santa for a hanging canvas shoe organizer but I'm pretty sure it wasn't expected to be used like this.  I love having most of my yarn in one compact place now.

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Linda_J said...

I love the yarn hanger, Sheila! Why NOT use it like this? If I had space in my closet past the overflow fabric bins, I would do the same thing.