Monday, November 1, 2010

Back again!

Right after my last post and all my virus issues, the display went out on my 6 y/o laptop and I was without a computer for about 5 weeks while looking for the perfect economic solution (free).   The first week was really rough (think DTs!), but I eventually came around and managed to live a life with only my work computer and lunchtime to tide me over.   The good thing is I managed to get a lot of stuff done in my downtime.

Here are a couple of quilts I finished and sent off to Gloria in Utah to quilt and donate for her project.  I'll have better pictures from her once they are quilted.  A couple of  toddler quilts are on their way as well.

Grant helped me peel/core/slice apples again this year.  This tool is the greatest invention.

Oliver turned 2!  My little cuddlebug sweetheart.

Who cares about cake; give me the icing!

Super Mario and Luigi went trick-or-treating.  I made their hats by piecing fabric to cover cheap home store paint caps.  Marker on muslin glued to the front for the letters.

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