Friday, June 25, 2010

Catching up

I’m working backwards through some pictures I’ve taken and not posted in recent months.
Stash Enhancement--9.47 pounds
Connecting Threads had a scraps ‘n’ ends sale at their Columbus distribution center today.  It’s only about four exits from me on the outerbelt, and at $5 a pound, why not?   Luckily, I went in with a budget or I would have done some major damage.   Some of their fabric lines seem to me to have an inconsistent quality from one fabric to another, so it was nice to be able to feel the fabric before buying it.  Other than to acquire some more blues and reds for QOV quilts, I wish I’d had a project in mind.  As it was I mostly grabbed some pieces to add new life to the scrap bin.    


Here’s Oscar with a recent shave, haircut and a paw-dicure.  I was amazed how brown-ish his fur was after all that long white hair.  He was sick for about a week before this (and did some major damage to the carpet).  Luckily he’s okay.   Am I the only person who’s never heard of the sick dog diet of boiled hamburger & rice?  After eating that, he will hardly touch his regular food now. 
A few months ago I took Grant to see the movie How to Train Your Dragon at the Movie Tavern near me which has a (very pricey!!) Flapjacks and a Flick feature for kids on Saturday mornings.  (My son warned me they were the worst pancakes I’d ever eat, and he wasn’t kidding.)  Grant’s become infatuated with dragons and Vikings since then and wanted a dragon cake for his 4th birthday in May.  Isn’t this a cute idea?

 I’d be a bad Nana if I didn’t include a picture of my boys!  
My car finally hit 50,000 miles after 6.5 years.  That's an average of 641 miles a month and includes several round trips between Ohio and Texas.  I think I deserve an insurance discount, don't you?

The stocking below was a pattern I tested for Gudrun Erla in early March.  It’s from her latest QAYG book, Fast and Furious Holiday.  I’m not sure the plaids were quite what she was looking for, but I think it turned out cute in all its maleness.  This experience was a good lesson for me in how directions can be interpreted differently!

That’s all for now.  Tomorrow, an update on the QOV and maybe some finished jam.

Take care,


Karen said...

Fabric by the pound sounds good. I purchased some years ago at a place out in the country in South Carolina. It went out of business, though. Mostly RJR fabrics and good ones.

scraphappy said...

I love the idea of fabric by the pound. I get shirts at $.95 per pound, but they require a bit of work to be turned into usable fabric. I enjoy connecting threads and recognize some of those fabrics from my own stash.