Monday, April 19, 2010

JSS 2010 Quilt Day

Saturday was the 6th annual quilt day for the all-volunteer James Stitching Sisters, and a first for me.  The goal of "210 for 2010" was exceeded, and I believe the  final tally was 369 completed quilts turned in since quilt day in 2009.  

While the group hosts weekly opportunities at the JSS center or in local quilt shops to work toward the same goal, more than 170 women set up shop this day in a church gymnasium to make tops toward next year's quilt goal.  Most attending were breast cancer survivors, family members, or staff of tOSU Medical Center or JamesCare.  While I don't fall into any of those categories, I'm just happy and blessed to be able to help in some way. The amount of organization that went into something of this magnitude was amazing.  There were areas dedicated to cutting, pressing, pinning, or making bindings.  There were more prepared kits available than people to make them.  Local girl scouts fed the troops.  More than 500 requests went out for door prizes and no one went home empty-handed.   It was just a really great experience, and I met so many fantastic people.

I posted a few pictures of the day, but this was my favorite:

Fight like a girl indeed!

Although she isn't pictured, one lady in attendance has survived breast cancer for 28 years.  That's amazing, considering how far technology and medicine have come in 28 years.

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